About to see sleep no more. #hellyes

This happened. #itsofficial #imsonyrightnow

Must be true.


@robthejerk is kind of a big deal

Yum. Mussels. #food #mussels #datenight

Rob painted da wall. #red

As I watch your lips part from your cigarette

I can’t help but think of the luck of the smoke

able to Fill your lungs.

I’d die to breathe it in

To drown in your love

To fade with the sound of your voice

You, darling

my eyes view The most lovely thing

My heart stings for you

Tears itself apart for a touch

But lo, I’ve only felt a bit

Loved a bit

Been a bit with you

I wonder if your heart knows how lucky it is

Beating in your chest

If the rain knows what it does

Planting such intricate kisses on your cheek

Such beauty, as yours, could control the storms

Cease the rain and halt the winds

For the most beautiful storm is already in your eyes

As I wrap my arms around you, 

My fingers dig

My body sinks

Into you


all is calm

all is silent

the world sways to sink

to the most delicate love song

the beat of our hearts

I gots a goddess as my buddy. #ebony #mlj #forcesofnature

Two of my lovies. #seagulls #wesoarbitch #love #relentlesslove

go shoot something. 

oh a photo walk I run around the city. good times. :] 

oh the old favorite tune… you are such a beautiful disaster.

Dance your heart out. #moi #me #dancedarling